WEST Academy was established to provide an alternative educational environment for students in the Newton Community School District.  Still operated by Newton CSD, WEST Academy now serves student from surrounding districts when space is available.  The three areas of focus are academics, social/emotional growth, and career development.  WEST teachers and staff set high expectations and help students develop and refine the skills necessary to achieve their goals.  Students who have not found success in a traditional school setting find success through supportive relationships and a sense of community they have often not found in the past.  We celebrate those things that make us unique and make connections that bring us together.

WEST Academy is a fully accredited high school, not a GED program.  Students attend classes daily, following a regular schedule.  One difference from most traditional schools is that WEST Academy uses three grading terms, or trimesters, per year.  Due to the design of the schedule and the classes, students earn semester credits for classes each trimester.  This allows students who are credit deficient to catch up and achieve their expected graduation date.  

Course Descriptions

WEST Academy Course Descriptions

WEST Academy Daily Schedule

Monday (and early release)   

1st     8:05a  -   8:53a

2nd     8:55a  -   9:43a

HR     9:45a  - 10:02a   

3rd    10:04a  - 10:52a

Lunch    10:52a  - 11:22a

4th    11:22a  - 12:10p

5th    12:12p  -   1:00p   

6th     1:02p  -   1:50p


1st       8:05a  -   9:05a   

2nd     9:07a  - 10:07a       

HR    10:09a  - 10:39a

3rd    10:41a  - 11:41a

Lunch    11:41a  - 12:11p

4th    12:11p  -   1:11p

5th     1:13p  -   2:13p

6th     2:15p  -   3:15p   


1st       8:05a  -   8:37a

2nd     8:39a  -   9:11a

3rd     9:13a  -   9:45a

HR     9:47a  - 10:07a   

4th    10:09a  - 10:41a

5th    10:41a  -  11:12a

6th    11:14a  -  11:45a

HR    11:47a  -  11:55a

Lunch    11:55a  -  12:30p

Work    12:30p  -    3:15p